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School Family Life Programme (SFE)

Welcome to the world of School Family Life Education, SFE! This is an exciting programme launched in our school with the aim of boosting our family life as we continue to play multiple roles in society.  SFE's aim is to enhance the quality of family life by providing family life education programmes for parents, staff and students and by making family resources easily available to parents, staff and students.  It seeks to provide family life education skills and knowledge that can and need to be learnt. It aspires to strengthen and enrich family life.  

The parent-child relationship has much impact on the child’s academic achievements and positive attitudes/ behaviour, regardless of socio-economic status, ethnic/ racial background or parents’ education level.

For more information on SFE, visit www.sfe.org.sg.

Benefits of SFE Programme

For parents

  • Better understanding of their children
  • Better parent-child (family) relationships
  • Be an Family Life Education advocate and participate in parent support groups

For pupils

  • Development into socially adept individuals equipped with positive life skills

For school staff

  • More commitment to better performance because their personal needs are taken care of

For schools

  • Image as an ideal environment for learning and working.
  • School gains much through minimal involvement from school staffs, with school staff, in fact, being part of the target beneficiaries of the programme
  • Better parent-school relationship
  • Happier staff