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Integrated Learning Journey 2016

Integrated Learning Journey for Primary 4 – Road Safety Park

On 10 March, the Primary 4 visited the Road Safety Park to learn more about proper road safety in a simulated environment, the precautions they should take when on the roads as well as the importance of following traffic rules in Singapore. They had the opportunity to play the roles of a cyclist, driver, road marshal or a pedestrian. Most of them indicated they had an increased awareness about road safety and were able to apply the road safety rules learnt in their daily lives.

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Integrated Learning Journey for Primary 6 – Future of Us Exhibition

On 8 March, the Primary 6 visited the Future of Us exhibition to learn about ideas drawn upon Government research papers and master plans as well as ideas collected from youth seminars and Our Singapore Conversation (OSC) which started in 2012. They also had the opportunity to share their hopes and dreams for themselves, their family and the nation, and to participate in steering the Singapore journey towards the future. They visited the various zones, including Theatre of Generations, Symphony of the City, Home Tomorrow and Blue Skies, and had the opportunity to explore the various zones on their own. They also completed a reflection sheet detailing their thoughts and aspirations for the future Singapore.