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Mission and Vision

Zhonghua Logo

The logo encompasses 2 "Zs", one upright and the other, inverted. 
This signifies training our pupils and staff to be flexible in their outlook in life, 

particularly in problem solving.

The logo as a whole is solid in structure. 
This represents our belief that a school well-founded would flourish.
The letter "Z" and the wording will be turquoise and black respectively against a white background. 
The colour turquoise represents vibrant youth.

School Motto

Diligence Before Success

School Vision

A Learner. A Thinker. A Leader.

School Mission

Ignite Passion For Learning, Nurture Strength of Character.

Corporate Values

Values Our Foundation , Professionalism Our Conduct, Learning Our Conviction , Excellence Our Quest

School Values

Diligence, Discipline, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Care, Harmony, Resilience.

School Creed

We, the pupils of Zhonghua Primary School, pledge to keep the torch that first shone in 1987 growing and glowing brighter. We shall be loyal and responsible to our family, school and nation. In everything we do, we shall set high goals and strive to achieve excellence together.