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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Friends of the School,

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Ignite Passion for Learning – “for if a pupil’s mind is set on fire, he will strive to find a way to provide the fuel” and the zeal for learning will continue to burn throughout his life. A quote from journalist Sydney J Harris that best examplifies our mission here at Zhonghua Primary School, a mission that continues to inspire all of us to do our best to help our children enjoy  “Learning for Life”.

To learn for life is to let our children see the reason behind what they are learning so they can see the relevance and purpose of that learning and be motivated to discover more.

To learn for life is to let our children build confidence as they learn and improve at a pace that is right for them, so they develop a sense of self-worth and the determination  to continue on their journey, knowing that there will be many opportunities ahead of them to sieze and to learn.

To learn for life is to provide support to our children and to work with parents to let our children feel valued for their unique strengths and talents and to help them know that their goals can be diverse yet meaningful and achievable if they put their hearts and minds to it.

This is what we stand for at Zhonghua Primary School. Our directions, our beliefs and our mission are aligned to this quest to help our children always Learn for Life so they can grow to be Learners, Thinkers and Leaders:

      • A Self-Directed Learner who can  Communicate Effectively and  Work Collaboratively.
      • A Creative and Reflective Thinker who is Respectful of Ideas.
      • A Responsible & Caring Leader who Can Empathise with Others.

Mdm Rostinah Mohamad Said