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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Friends of the School,

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It is natural to resist letting go. Change is not easy and we tend to fight to hold on to things that are familiar, comfortable and which in the past have borne results. It is the same with schooling and education. We have all grown up accustomed to lots and lots of schoolwork, homework and exams and they have largely worked for us in the past. But it is timely to stop, reflect and ask ourselves…have we always been chasing the right things? And if we continue ignoring change, how will the right things be able to catch up with us… and our children?

With every prediction pointing to a job future that values non-routine analytical and inter-personal skills and employers preferring workers who can devise creative solutions, have a global outlook and demonstrate leadership qualities, we at Zhonghua Primary believe it is never too early to start creating a growth mind-set among our pupils that will put them in good stead to meet the demands of the future. Get them to be curious, to ask questions, to not be afraid to try…and maybe even fail in the process…but to learn and pick themselves up and try again, with others, for others. A growth mind-set that tells our children that they are not measured just by their exam grades, that effort and attitude counts and that failure is an opportunity to challenge themselves to improve.

To do this, we need to allow ourselves to let go of practices that will not help our children be future-ready. In the words of our Education Minister Mr Ong Ye Kung at MOE WPS 2018,

As [our education system] becomes more complex, we need to be clear-eyed that in this matured system, there are trade-offs within the system, and we must take sufficient bold steps to rebalance those trade-offs when needed.”

Re-balancing is key to ensure our children continue to have the best of both worlds: the rigour of a good education system that Singapore has always been known for; as well as Joy of Learning that will motivate our children to have that growth mind-set to accompany them to their future.

At Zhonghua Primary…that is the mind-set we aspire for all our children and this becomes the impetus for us to re-balance our efforts and do the best to build our children to be LEARNERS, THINKERS, LEADERS.

Warmest Regards,

Mdm Rostinah Mohamad Said