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Applied Learning and Learning for Life Programmes

Applied Learning Programme

Our school started introducing the MOE supported Applied Learning Programme (ALP) to our pupils since 2019. Our ALP is STE(A)M-based and known as Thinknovate@ZPS. The term Thinknovate is formed by two words: Think and Innovate. The acronym STE(A)M stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. 

We seek to develop our young minds to be thinkers and innovators as they are presented with real-world problems to solve. Our pupils may not develop robust solutions but through a guided inquiry process, they could generate creative prototypical representations of real-world context.


Learning for Life Programme

Zhonghua Primary School (ZPS) strives to develop our pupils holistically. This is reflected in our school's vision for each and every Zhonghuarian - A Learner, A Thinker, A Leader. Our Environmental Education (EE) approach in our Learning-for-life Programme (LLP) is aligned closely to our school's vision. 

We seek to enhance pupils’ knowledge and understanding  of the environment (Learner), allow them to reflect on environmental issues (Thinker) and provide platforms for them to act and lead so as to take better care of the environment they live in (Leader). In ZPS, we hope to nurture leaders who display the values of responsibility and care towards the environment and to the people around them.

PEAK Club pupils building solar lamps during Panasonic industry visit - Copy.jpgTable lamp from milk bottles.jpg
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PEAK Club pupils and GEM monitors on LJ to Sustainable Singapore Gallery at Marina Barrage.jpg
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