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Character and Citizenship Education

About ZPS CCE Department

The goal of CCE is to inculcate values and build competencies in our students to develop them to be good individuals and useful citizens. The desired outcomes of CCE are aligned to MOE’s Key Stages Outcomes (KSOs) and Desired Outcomes of Education (DOE).

At Zhonghua Primary, the CCE department, in support of Strategic Thrust 2 (Nurturing individuals strong in character), aims to provide a variety of learning platforms and experiences for Zhonghuarians to learn and apply knowledge, skills, values and attitudes.

Some of these learning platforms include structured periods such as Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP), Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons and School-Based CCE such as weekly assemblies. Examples of learning experiences would include the segmented Values in Action (VIA) programme, 4 National Education (NE) Commemorative Events, Integrated Learning Journeys (ILJs), CCE Guidance Modules such as Sexuality Education (SEd) and Cyberwellness (CW), Pastoral Care, Just-In-Time (JIT) Lesson Packages from MOE and more.

All in all, the above learning platforms and experiences aim to bring to focus the CCE learning outcomes and collectively build our students’ character and citizenship in a cohesive and inter-connected and synergistic manner. In addition, our department also provides opportunities for our pupils to transfer their learning and to put good values and skills into action. This facilitates the internalization of good values and skills which are critical to character and citizenship development.

CCE Department Vision

A Leader and A Citizen Anchored In Values

CCE Department Mission

To equip every pupil with the values, social & emotional competencies and citizenship competencies to be a leader and an active citizen 

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