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Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)

The FTGP was introduced to all primary schools in 2010, in alignment with recommendations by the Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) committee. The central idea and purpose behind FTGP is to provide time within curriculum for form teachers to have quality interactions with their pupils and for them to help pupils strengthen social and emotional competencies. During FTGP, games and play-based activities between the Form teacher, Co Form teacher and his/her pupils will help to build a safe classroom environment and enhance bonding.

In addition, social and emotional competencies will also be taught explicitly through engaging lessons. The FTGP is designed with strategies to acquire competencies that will help pupils to better understand themselves, learn ways to manage themselves, develop better understanding of their family and friends, learn ways to work with their family and friends and make appropriate and responsible decisions. During FTGP, form teachers will deliver social and emotional learning (SEL) lessons using lesson plans that have been developed based on an SEL Programme for Explicit Teaching of SE competencies which sees to the developmental needs of pupils in SEL. The following diagram illustrates the FTGP concept:




At Zhonghua Primary, the CCE department oversees the planning of FTGP lessons, ensuring that they are regularly structured into the timetable. The Form teacher and Co Form teacher take turns to conduct the lessons. In addition, the Form teacher and Co Form teacher also engage in one to one dialogue sessions with individual pupils.