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Photo Gallery on CCE programmes

Values-In-Action for Primary 1 (May 2015)

Making of Bookmarks

During the CCE lessons, pupils from the various Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) and Non-Mother Tongue (NMT) classes were involved in the designing and colouring of paper bookmarks meant for the incoming juniors and invited guests.


Values-In-Action for Primary 3 (Feb 2015)

Distribution of Mandarin Oranges   

On 12 and 13 February, pupils from the Non-Mother Tongue (NMT) class championed the packing of mandarin oranges into bags while the various Mother Tongue Language (MTL) classes went about the distribution of these ‘bags of love’ during the Mother tongue periods on 16 February.

  4 classes visited our immediate neighbours in the vicinity, and another 2 classes paid a special visit to St Luke’s Eldercare (Serangoon) to surprise and bring joy to the elders there. Through this simple yet meaningful activity, pupils learnt skills such as working in teams, listening to others, active participation and they also had the chance to learn more about the Chinese culture, as well as the importance of social cohesion and racial harmony.Values-In-Action for Primary 4 (Apr - May 2015)


Values-In-Action for Primar4 (Apr - May 2015)

Visit to St. Luke’s Eldercare (Serangoon)

In April and May of Term 2, primary 4 pupils from various Mother Tongue and Non-Mother Tongue (NMT) classes were rostered to visit our community partner – St Luke’s Eldercare (Serangoon).

 Titled ‘Funhour @ St Luke’s’, it was a yearly affair for our pupils to connect to the elderly through meaningful, fun and happy afternoons. It also provided opportunities for Zhonghuarians to contribute to the community whilst living out our school values (Care, Respect and Harmony). Most pupils felt excited to be involved in this meaningful programme, and indicated their interests in visiting the elderly again.


Friend Of Singa (FOS)

by Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM)

Our school is participating in the Friend of Singa (FOS) project this year, with the aim of encouraging Zhonghuarians to be kind and considerate, as well as influence and raise the standards of behaviour and responsibility.

The theme for FOS this year is “A Nation of Kindness Starts With One!”, and 8 pupils from Primary 5 Diligence have been selected to spearhead this project, under the guidance of 3 teachers: Mrs Joelle Pek, Mrs Kavin and Mdm Fara. The Kindness Mission Card was launched before the June holidays and all pupils would have received a card each. The objective of the card is to encourage Zhonghuarians to be kind and considerate, as well as influence and raise the standards of behaviour and responsibility.