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Information and Communication Technology

Coding and Making – Preparing Our Students for The Digital Economy

Computational Skills

The school has a systemic approach to develop computational thinking in our students through coding. Computational thinking includes elements such as:

·         Decomposition – breaking a large problem down into smaller ones

·         Pattern recognition – recognising how these smaller problems relate to ones that have been solved in the past

·         Algorithm design – Identifying and refining the steps necessary to reach a solution

·         Debugging – Refining those steps.


Developing computational thinking will also develop the following skill sets in our students:

·         Experimenting and iterating – developing something, trying it out, and then developing some more

·         Testing and debugging – finding and solving problems as they work

·         Abstracting and modularizing – exploring connections between the whole and the parts


Our students are provided with opportunities to learn coding using programs such as Scratch, Microsoft PXT or Code.org depending on the Student ICT Competencies Programme and the level they are in. More about computational thinking can be obtained from the following two reports:


1.       NMC/CoSN Horizon Report > 2016 K-12 Edition

2.       Innovating Pedagogy report 2015


Digital Making Skills

The school leverage on IMDA’s Digital Maker Programme to nurture a new generation of digital natives. Our school collaborates with IMDA to develop our students in making and creating with technology using an entry-level codable microcontroller known as micro:bit. We hope to inspire our students to explore the possibilities of digital making.


The programme seeks to empower our students to be digital creators and makers so as to:        

  •      cultivate real-world problem solving 
  •      encourage digital creativity and innovation
  •      foster collaboration and co-creation with like-minded digital makers