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Special Programmes

Buddy Reading Programme

Good readers from the upper primary classes help non-readers or slow readers from the lower primary classes to improve their reading skills. Sessions are held four times a week. 

Parent Volunteer Programme

Parents volunteer their services in helping the school in the implementation of some of its programmes.

Intensive TAF Programme

Overweight pupils undergo an intensive exercise programme in order to assist them in losing weight to keep them trim and fit. 

Pastoral Care Programme

It is a programme whereby help is given to pupils who need the extra assistance either in physical, financial or moral support. 

IT-based Learning

Pupils are taught basic computer skills. They also learn Maths, English and Science using the computers. Pupils are encouraged to be independent learners through some IT initiatives in school such as online assessments and individual project works. 

Care and Share Programme

Through a series of programmes and activities such as visits to old folks' homes, fund-raising for the various charitable bodies, pupils are taught to be caring, generous and compassionate. 

Enrichment Programme

Enrichment programmes such as drama and the playing of musical instruments such as angklung are introduced. Lessons to stretch the pupils' thinking capabilities are also carried out.

Language Enrichment Programme

All P6 pupils are given extra lessons in oral reading skills for both English and Mother Tongue before school curriculum time to help them perform better in the PSLE examinations. 

Phonics Class

P1 and P2 pupils have 2 periods of phonics lessons weekly to equip them with good reading skills. 

Community Involvement Programme (CIP)

All pupils will be expected to do at least six hours of activities that involve working with the community.

Go - Green Programme

Pupils work on projects such as the recycling of old items into useful objects. The objective of this programme is to instil in our pupils that conservation of the environment is the responsiblity of everyone. 

Interdisciplinary Project Work 

All pupils are involved in the interdisciplinary project work. Through the project work, we hope to develop the pupils' communication skills, independent learning and creative thinking. 

Customized IT Programme 

All pupils from P1 to P6 will be involved in our customized IT programme. By the time the pupil leaves the primary school, he/she will have acquired minimum competencies in desktop word processing, publishing, multimedia presentation, spreadsheet and database construction, and in sourcing for information from online resources.