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Parents’ Symposium

In order to better engage the parents in providing a holistic education for the pupils, the school has organised the Parents’ Symposium on 2 Jan to 4 Jan 2018. Activities included P1 curriculum briefings for various subjects, Math & English Workshop for parents and a Cyberwellness workshop to equip parents with the necessary skills in guiding their children in using the internet and social media. Two parenting workshops on Preparing Your Child for P1 and Structuring Your Child’s Time were well received by parents. The response for the 3-days Parents Symposium has been very encouraging. 

Mr Liew talked about CCE activities and lessons..JPGMr Ravi introduced Physical Education to the parents and stressed the importance of healthy lifestyle..JPG

Mrs Raj was showcasing how to incorporate interesting Maths learning into daily life.JPGMs Liang explained the content of Math syllabus..JPG

Click on the links below to download all the briefing slides from the Parents Symposium 2018. 

Parent's Symposium EL_upload.pdf            Parent's Symposium_ICT_upload.pdf

Parent's Symposium Tamil_upload.pdf        Parent's Symposium_Malay Language_upload.pdf

Parent's Symposium_CCE_upload.pdf        Parent's Symposium_NMT_upload.pdf

Parent's Symposium_Chinese_upload.pdf   Parent's Symposium_PHE_upload.pdf

Parents’ Symposium Math_upload.pdf            Parent workshop for LP_2018_EL.pdf

Math Parent workshop 2018.pdf