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Notes To Parents/Guardians

Your child’s form teacher would have issued an introductory letter to you on the first day of school concerning class routines, expectations, and preferred modes of communication.

Please refer to the Pupil’s Diary 2020 for updated information and other useful information about the school. Do communicate with us through the diary, phone calls or emails. If you wish to see anyone of us, kindly make an appointment and wait at the General Office for the required staff member.

It is the child’s responsibility to ensure that they take down what needs to be done in their diary. This is about teaching responsibility. If we do not start now, they will never learn.

Absence from School

We would appreciate it if you could call in the morning to let us know if your child is absent. The office phone number is 6283 5413. Medical certificates should be submitted to the form teacher upon the child’s return to school. If your children are sick, please keep them at home.

School Attire

Pupils are to be attired in their full school uniform on all days that they do not have PE. On the days they have PE, they may wear their PE attire instead of their shirts/blouses throughout the day. On Fridays, all pupils are to wear their PE T-shirts and shorts for the mass workout.

Road Safety

Please ensure that your children follow the traffic rules and cross safely at pedestrian crossings. They should always look both ways and listen for oncoming traffic before crossing roads. A school attendant will be on hand to ensure that they cross safely at the zebra crossing outside the school.

Security and Safety

To ensure the safety of our pupils, staff and stakeholders, several procedures have been put in place to make the school a safe place for all. Visitors are to check-in using SafeEntry system.

The opening hours for the Main (vehicular) Gate, Side Gate and the Back Gate are as follows:

Main Gate
ZPS Main Gate:- Mon-Fri
6:00am to 7:30am

Back Gate (Daily):
Closed to facilitate visitor screening at the Main Gate

From 7.40am, the Main (vehicular) Gate will be manned by barrier control. The following vehicles are authorised to enter:
  • Vehicles with school labels
  • Goods and maintenance vehicles
  • Parents picking up sick children
  • Any other vehicles that are authorised by the school

Security guards will man both the Main (vehicular) Gate and Side Gate.

For security reasons and due to limited parking space in the school, parents who wish to come into the school for an appointment will have to park their vehicles on one side of the drive-way leading to the school. If the drive-way is fully occupied, parents are to park at the nearby HDB car parks. All visitors are required to report to the Guard Post and sign-in, indicating the purpose of their visit. The security guard will then issue a Visitor Pass to the visitor and accompany the visitor to the General Office to seek further assistance. The Visitor Pass must be visibly displayed at all times during your visit. Visitors must be accompanied by a member of staff during their visit and are not to wander around the school premises unaccompanied. Visitors without Visitor Passes will be questioned by the school staff or security guards on their business in school.

In the interest of safety, pupils are not allowed to leave the school unaccompanied during curriculum time. Pupils may leave the school early, in the company of an authorised person e.g.; father, mother, grandparent, helper or guardian. The following procedures are to be followed:

  • Authorised persons are to report to the security guard.
  • A Visitor Pass and Visitor Slip will be issued.
  • Authorised persons will then proceed to the General Office to pick the pupil up.
  • A form authorising the pupil to leave early will be issued and must be filled.
  • The slip at the bottom of the form will be detached and given to the authorised persons. This slip is to be handed to the security guard before the pupil is allowed to leave the school compound.

Parents are not allowed in the school premises during school dismissal. They are to wait outside the Side Gate near the Guard Post.

On rainy days, parents who are driving their children to school may drop their children at the porch outside the concourse. This place will be manned by school staff. Parents who pick up their children from the Back Gate will also be allowed to proceed to the canteen.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding in ensuring that ZPS is a safe place for all. We regret any inconvenience caused.