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E-Learning Portal

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The school has engaged the services of the Marshall Cavendish Online Learning Portal. It is a full-fledged Learning Management System that delivers, tracks and manages online learning anytime and anywhere. 

Each pupil in Zhonghua Primary School has been provided with a personal user account for access to the online educational resources. They are able to access to the lessons, resources and tools from the school computer laboratories, libraries, classrooms, and also from home. 

The annual subscription for your child to access the e-learning portal is $31. A sum of $20 will be deducted from your child’s Edusave Fund. For those who do not have an Edusave account or those who have insufficient funds in their Edusave Account, please pay cash or cheque. The form teacher would keep the pupils informed if they have not made the payment. 

The URL of the e-learning portal is as follows: http://www.mconline.sg/ 

Click the following icons for information before logging into the MC Online Learning Portal: 

For more information to log into MC Online Learning Portal, please click here.



This module aspires to help students do well in their written examinations with simple strategies and multimedia resources. Writing Buddy aims to provide pupils firm handle on how to write good narratives and recounts. Comprehensive tutorials, coupled with ample practices on language use and skills needed in writing, equip pupils with the necessary tools to excel at writing narratives and recounts. The writing process, from pre-writing, to writing, editing and publishing is also taught. Pupils then get a chance to put into practice what they have learnt, with 4-picture or 1-picture. These practices come in two forms – guided and independent, with the former having more scaffolding in the form of guiding prompts and helping words. This is particularly useful for weaker pupils. Finally, model compositions are provided for pupils to see what a good composition looks like. Practices are also available in Chinese and Malay.


This module aims to help students do well in their written examinations with simple strategies and multimedia resources. Oral Buddy equips pupils with various strategies to help them tackle the three components of English Oral – reading a passage, discussing a picture, and conversation. These strategies dissect something that may appear daunting into something very manageable as pupils follow our step-by-step approach. This builds pupils’ ability and confidence to handle the Oral component of the English exams. What’s more, it is centred around themes in everyday life, making it all the more approachable and accessible. Also available in Chinese and Malay.


Mapped to all experiments in the textbooks, the video demonstrations showcase clear and explicit illustrations of scientific concepts. Step-by-step demonstration on how an experiment is carried out, with thought-provoking questions to elicit students’ thinking.


Based on the lastest Mathematics syllabus by the Singapore Ministry of Education, MC Online’s Mathematics channel helps students to acquire fundamental mathematical concepts and skills necessary for daily life and for continuous learning. It also develops their process skills and problem-solving skills needed to formulate and solve problems.

Enriching tutorials consist of clear and concise presentations of mathematical concepts. Packed with interactive animations, these tutorials help students grasp the mathematical concepts effortlessly. Activities based on real world challenges and virtual manipulatives for exploratory learning facilitate the development of students’ higher-level problem-solving and reasoning skills. Through these stimulating and challenging activities, students will develop positive attitudes towards the learning of Mathematics. Quizzes are packed with questions of varying difficulty levels to test the students’ understanding of the topics. This will enable them to gauge their ability and knowledge of the subject.